How to Study for Your Written Driving Test

There are a few ways that one can study with, when they are trying to pass a written driving test. Each one of these methods of studying has their own list of pros and cons and as you will see, some are more effective than others. This article will explore the various ways of studying for a written driving test, and explain the pros and cons of each of the following:

1. Studying the Official Handbook

2. Online Practice Tests

3. Mobile Phone Applications


Ultimately this article will help you to maximize your time when studying for your written driving test.

Method One: Studying the Official Handbook

The most obvious way of studying for a written driving test is reading and memorizing all of the signs and rules in the Official Driver’s Handbook. The official handbook is provided by your ministry of transportation either online, or in a printed copy that may or may not be free, BUT it is included for FREE through! It is the database of information from which our practice questions and the real written driving test are based upon. Studying the guide will give you a comprehensive understanding off all things related to driving. This is beneficial as you will not find questions on the test that you cannot answer (assuming you absorbed all the information from the handbook). On the downside, studying from the official driver’s handbook can be time consuming, and overwhelming if you do not learn well through memorization. As well, driver handbooks provide you with just the theory, and in most cases, will not provide you will sample tests which help you to better acquaint yourself with the test format.

Method Two: Online Practice Tests

The old adage “Practice makes perfect” is an understatement. Once you have studied the official driver’s handbook, it is best to go through some practice questions in order to determine how well you have memorized the material.

A well-written set of questions in an online practice test can go a long way in preparing a person to write their driver’s test. The online test has three main benefits.

Firstly, it provides you with a large database of sample questions which should be more than enough to practice with before you write the real test.

Secondly, an online practice test imitates the actual driving test. Since you will be graded, the pressure is on. This can be crucial if you get frustrated or are easily distracted. This final grading will also help you to know if you are prepared enough to pass the real test. Having the added goal of trying to pass the practice test definitely helps to motivate you to study hard enough.

Lastly, practice tests are fun! Challenge your friends through Facebook, or in person and see if they can beat your score. If your friends beat your score, study harder and take back your title!

One of the more effective ways to study for a written driving test is to study the official handbook, and then follow up with online practice tests. This combination is definitely a winner!

Method Three: Mobile Phone Applications

This third approach to studying for a written driving test is the newest and most innovative. There are now applications, also known as “apps”, which users can download for a minimal cost or possibly even free. These apps provide a convenient way to prepare for the driving test, as they can be accessed on the go, without any access to the internet. Whether you are on a train, or driving as a passenger on your way to write the real driving test, this app helps! These apps contain a wide range of information and functionality, from practice tests to official handbooks provided by the government.

We at highly recommend downloading these apps as they are a great addition to your collection of study materials. They provide a convenient on-the-go way of studying for the test and can even be fun when challenging your friends.

The Verdict

Each method by itself provides a good start to studying for your written driving test, but you will find superior results when combining several methods together. It is highly recommended that you memorize the official government handbook, and then supplement this with an online practice test or mobile phone app. Doing this will help to prepare you and support your goal of passing your written driving test!